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US Dollar Life Insurance

Securitas Life Insurance

US Dollar
Life Insurance

You might know where you and your family's financial needs lie in five years’ time, but what about twenty years from now?

Things in South Africa are looking up right now. The new political dispensation brings the hope of financial stability and even prosperity for the years to come. It is, however, foolish not to acknowledge the fact that financial turmoil and a drastic devaluation in the Rand can be just one ill-considered political speech away. You can protect yourself against this uncertainty with Discovery Life’s innovative Dollar Life Plan, which provides life insurance in the most widely used global currency, the US dollar.

Why choose a Dollar Life Plan?

• Offers risk protection in dollars, which is insured and paid internationally.

• You can earn significant financial rewards for managing your health and wellness.

• It is flexible. The Dollar Life Plan provides a payment if you pass away, with the option to extend your life cover to provide protection if you become disabled or suffers from a severe illness.

• You can boost your retirement savings offshore. The unique Buy-up Cash Conversion Benefit allows you to supplement your retirement savings through a tax-free lump sum payment in dollars at the age of 65. This payment won't reduce the value of your life and disability cover in any way. If you add a Dollar Discovery Retirement Optimiser, you can channel your unused life cover into additional retirement income in dollars from the age of 65, boosting your retirement savings in hard currency.

You can further maximize your retirement savings through fee discounts and boosts. The Dollar PayBack Fund is an automatic benefit and no additional premiums will be charged for it. This benefit provides a powerful mechanism to convert your health and wellness management into a significant financial asset to supplement your retirement savings offshore.

• The Global Education Protector covers the actual costs of your children’s education, from crèche through to college, in the event of your passing away or suffering a severe illness or disability. With the demands of this competitive world requiring schooling to start at an earlier age, it is becoming increasingly difficult to save for your children’s education, let alone ensure that it is protected globally.

Discovery Life’s innovative Dollar Global Education Protector not only fully protects your children at every stage of their education journey, but also allows you to get up to 100% of their tertiary education fees funded, even if you don’t claim, by simply leading a healthy lifestyle, subject to a maximum.

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